Our Projects

By providing GPS coordinates, pictures, and videos we show exactly how donations are being used and which water projects they help fund.

100% Promise

We guarantee that 100% of all public donations will go directly into our water projects.


When a project is completed we fly out to visit the villagers in order to hear their stories about how clean water has changed their lives. This way we get to know them in person and find out a little bit about their culture.


We collect GPS coordinates of all of our projects and send them to our donors. This way they can find out which water projects they helped fund.


In order to insure sustainability, our partners train community members on maintenance and establish a local WASH-Committee when the construction is complete. This way they’re able to perform repairs and keep the water projects alive for years to come.

Everything starts with Water!

Bringing clean water to people in need does not only safe their lives – it gives children the chance to go to school and women time to spend with their families and eventually the chance to start their own little business.


Access to clean water and sanitation leads to a healthier and happier life.


Girls can now go to school and follow their dreams of becoming a teacher or doctor.


Women feel pretty and strong, sometimes for the first time of their lives.


Women and girls can live without the fear of being attacked when collecting water.