Give Water to an entire Community

Please contact us if you are interested in funding an entire water project.

Bringing clean water to an entire community does more than just saving lives.


Children, especially girls, who used to miss class due collecting water many times a day, can now go to school and follow their dreams of becoming teachers or doctors.


Since children are now able to go to school, parents see more opportunities and a brighter future for them


Men, women and children sing and dance to loud music and the feeling of gratitude and joy they bring to you is like no other.


Since women are now able to wash themselves they feel pretty and strong, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

100% go directly into water projects

You will be able to get a personalized plaque at your individual water project

You’ll receive media updates, pictures and videos of the community you’ve helped get clean water

We’ll send a final report with GPS coordinates and more details on the community served

If you have any questions about funding an entire water project please feel free to contact us.