100% Model

We are incredibly grateful for all of our supporters! It is our believe that everybody who is trying to help people in need get clean water, should know exactly where their donations go and have the guarantee that 100% goes directly into the water projects in the field. We started The Source to make this promise possible.

The Source is an exclusive club of inspiring individuals, families and businesses who cover all of our operating costs so that 100% of all public donations go right into water projects in developing countries. They are an amazing group of generous, intelligent and like-minded people who make the core of our organization.

How we work


It all starts with You

There are many ways to change the world and bring clean water to those in need. You can pledge your birthday, run a marathon, host an event, tutor someone or join our amazing group of monthly givers "The Stream". You can simply do whatever you love to raise money for clean water.


100% of your donations go directly to water projects in developing countries

We partner with inspiring organizations around the world who are local experts and professionals with years of experience in solving the water crisis. We make sure they have a proven financial record and use 100% of the donations for water projects.


Starting the Water Project

Together with our partners, we assign the donations to specific water projects, survey each site and determine the best solution depending on the water availability. Since we work in remote places, it can take between 18 - 24 months to complete a water project.


Media Updates

From the moment construction starts, our donors will get media updates on the progress in the communities. We will send pictures, videos and GPS coordinates to show exactly how donations are being used and which water projects they help fund.


Sustainability and Maintenance

In order to insure sustainability, our partners train community members on maintenance and establish a local WASH-Committee when the construction is complete. This way they’re able to perform repairs and keep the water projects alive for years to come.


Final Report

When the project is complete we will send you a final project report, that will include GPS coordinates, pictures, videos and detailed information about the community you’ve helped get clean water.

Our Partners

We partner with inspirational organizations worldwide, who have excellent financial reporting, a proven 100% model, and are local experts in solving the water crisis.

Glimmer is fighting poverty in rural Ethiopia with a holistic approach that holds up thriving communities and empowers women and girls as leaders. Glimmer applies 100% of donations directly to projects. Since 2000, Glimmer has completed 10,000 projects and impacted the lives of 5 million people in rural Ethiopia. Learn more at www.glimmer.org.