The Stream is an exclusive group of amazing individuals who are committed to bring clean water to people in need. Your monthly donations help us have a sustainable impact in solving the water crisis.

Once a year we send 100% of your donations to the field to bring clean water to people in need.

We choose the country, community, and type of water project that your donation will get assigned to based on the specific need.

During the construction process we‘ll send you detailed media updates on the progress in each community you fund.

Our partners collect final GPS Coordinates, pictures, and videos of the villages an we‘ll send them together with a final report to your inbox and your myynspirewater profile.

A map will show the real-time impact your membership has and in which countries your help brings clean water to people in need. It includes detailed information on every water project you helped fund.

Clean water transforms lives

Health & Safety

Having access to clean water and sanitation will lead to a healthier life and can prevent the deaths of 842,000 people each year. Besides that, women and children can live without the fear of beeing attacked or raped on their dangerous walks to collect water.


Children, especially girls, who used to miss class due to collecting water many times a day, can now go to school and follow their dreams of becoming teachers or doctors. Girls also don‘t have to be sold and married to other communities anymore in order to have a better life and women see a brighter future for their children.


The most amazing part of providing a community with clean water is the happiness and joy you bring to them. Men, women and children dance and sing to loud music and the feeling of gratitude and love they bring to you is like no other.


Besides going to school children will now be able to play with their friends, families can spend more time with each other and women can eventually start their own little business.


Since women are now able to wash themselves, take care of their families and earn their own income they are filled with a huge amount of pride. They feel pretty and strong, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

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