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Take action and start your own fundraiser.

You can use your birthday, your wedding day, the birth of your child, your graduation or some other special event as an opportunity to bring clean water to people in need. Start your own creative fundraiser in order to raise money for our next water project.

Start a campaign
Step 1
Start a campaign, give it a name and upload a picture in order to make it as personal as possible.
Step 2
Send the link of your campaign to family and friends and let them know that your raising money for clean water. If you want, share your campaign on your social media accounts.
Step 3
Once your campaign is over, 100% of all donations go directly to the field. You and your supporters will receive pictures and GPS coordinates of the water project you’ve helped fund.
Create a campaign

Get inspired

What will you do to bring clean water to people in need?

Alex 28th Birthday
For his 28th birthday Alex asked for donations instead of birthday gifts.
525€ raised
Babyshower Esther
Elli and Marcel used the birth of their third child in order to raise money for clean water.
415€ raised
Nadil’s Fundraiser
Together with his deaf-community Nadil raised 1,000€ for clean water in Ethiopia.
1000€ raised